Brogan Ruppert

Brogan Ruppert

Brogan was diagnosed with an inoperable Brain Stem Tumor (DIPG) and passed March 4th, 2012 after a 4 year battle at age 11.

He was one of 13 who went into a special program at St. Jude and was one of the last to pass. On one of his trip to St. Jude he drew a smiley face on a little piece of paper and placed it on him Mom's rear view mirror and said this will be our guardian angel. Under it he wrote (B.I.G.A). When she asked what that meant, his response was (Believe In God Always).

Before he passed he asked his Mom and Dad to open an organization for him and it would be called B.I.G.A. with funds that he had saved.

He loved to receive cards of encouragement and he loved to make origami, so with this organization he would like to make sure that other warriors were encouraged and loved with cards and letters. The organization is in its beginning stages and they have shirts and bracelets with that smiley face.

In addition to the already burdensome costs of treating cancer, when a child or family member is critically ill, one parent may have to leave his or her job to care for them. This makes it difficult for families to cover expenses they previously did not have difficulty with, such as utility bills, rent or mortgage payments, rising gas costs, and other everyday expenses. MHCF offers families assistance with some of these costs.