Brandon Fletcher

Brandon Fletcher

Brandon he passed away Nov 1st, 2012 at age 15. He battled cancer (Leukemia) on and off for most of his life. He was an amazing kid, giving back to the community in so many ways.

Just before he passed he started a blanket drive to warm up the homeless. He would see the homeless people all around Children's hospital in D.C. when he would go there for procedures. He asked his mom if they could do a blanket drive and collect them and deliver them to these people. So at his funeral everyone brought blankets and put them in the drop box at the church.

The day after the funeral his Mom and Dad and friends gathered all of those blankets, along with plates of food left over from the gathering afterward and delivered about 70 plates of food and blankets to those homeless people on the streets around Children's Hospital.

Brandon also set up toy drives for the children at the Hospital where he put ups boxes in the local stores and then delivered them to the families at the hospital. He always had a new idea on how to help someone.

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In addition to the already burdensome costs of treating cancer, when a child or family member is critically ill, one parent may have to leave his or her job to care for them. This makes it difficult for families to cover expenses they previously did not have difficulty with, such as utility bills, rent or mortgage payments, rising gas costs, and other everyday expenses. MHCF offers families assistance with some of these costs.