Meet Our Founder, Meredith

A Message of Hope Cancer Fund was founded by Meredith McNerney in 2008 after a personal battle with cancer. We want to share her story so that you better understand her energy and the passion she has to assist others as they work through their own health related issues.

On her 31st birthday, Meredith McNerney, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, Merkel Cell Carcinoma. The cancer formed a tumor on her left cheek. After consulting with a team of doctors, she began treatment immediately. Meredith underwent several aggressive facial surgeries to remove the tumor, tissues and test lymph nodes. Additionally, she had an extensive round of radiation to her face. The cancer damaged the entire left side of Meredith's face, and she endured several reconstructive surgeries. However, Meredith has embraced her cancer with humility and grace. She credits her faith for breathing an unspeakable peace into her soul. Her message will excite you about her relationship with God, and encourage you to find your very own personal victory. Her outlook will move you as Meredith has faced many health adversities throughout her life. Meredith has also battled Meniere's disease and Kidney Disorder, yet she never allowed her circumstances to stand in her way of building the life of her dreams. She believes that life is about choices, never circumstances.

Meredith's own "Message of Hope” will not only make you laugh and cry, it will leave you feeling inspired. Her amazing story engages audiences, while teaching the true meaning of life – to live each day with hope. Meredith is trained to teach on a variety of leadership topics. Her positive outlook will lift your spirit and warm your soul. Meredith's gift is public speaking and her passion is to inspire others to live their best life. We invite you to learn more about Meredith's story through her book, "Facing Cancer: A Spiritual Journey From Pain to Peace."

Our Founder's Story:                  




In addition to the already burdensome costs of treating cancer, when a child or family member is critically ill, one parent may have to leave his or her job to care for them. This makes it difficult for families to cover expenses they previously did not have difficulty with, such as utility bills, rent or mortgage payments, rising gas costs, and other everyday expenses. MHCF offers families assistance with some of these costs.